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About 14,000 sqm Land in Kampong Speu Purchased

Land buyer shared his experience

Hi, I used to purchase two land areas equal to¬† 14000 sqm from Mr Chairman of ADAENG LAND few years ago. Those lands are located in Samrong Tong District of Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia. My first land (3774 sqm) is in Kbal Tralac Village and second land (10,000 sqm) is in Okorki. They are nice lands with headlands next to the main roads. I love the land that why I keep even though the price is triple now. Again, Thank you, Mr Chairman for helping to purchase at that time. My first and second times in life to do so. I might choose one of them to build a weekend home. Another is going to build a multi-purpose shop for rent to make a source of passive income through. If you are locals who are looking to purchase land for construction a house or for farming purposes, I… Read more “About 14,000 sqm Land in Kampong Speu Purchased”

15 Hectares of Land Purchase

buying 15 hectares land in Kampong Speu

I am Long Maline. Years ago, I purchased land 15 hectares from Mr Chairman of ADAENG LAND. The location of purchased land was in Phnom Sruoch District of Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia. It is very good land location that hardly to find if I don’t know Mr Chairman. I first thought about buying for selling back as I am one of the land agents in Cambodia too. My specialization is on matching between land buyers and sellers regarding agriculture land. Not much that I can say rather, Again, Thank you very much to Mr Chairman for helping me to purchase it. The reason for me to make considerations on land purchase with him isn’t just a matter of business but good deeds that he does since 2006 through his foundation, Sao Sary Foundation. I was one of sponsors in 2018 when the foundation distributed 666 bicycles… Read more “15 Hectares of Land Purchase”

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