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Six Reasons To Buy Land in Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia now
1. Phnom Penh to expand radius by 100 kilometers to enlarge population to six million people by 2035 Phnom Penh will continue to be a central service hub in the region with a population of six million...
Five Reasons To Buy Land in Cambodia
You are most likely looking for ways to make your money work for you. One reason for you to even look up the top reasons to buy land in Cambodia is you may have heard that this is a great idea. That...
Cambodia's Trusts: Harnessing Foreign Investment for the Future
THE LEGAL REGIME OF INVESTMENT IN LAND FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN LAND PRIOR TO THE TRUST LAW As per the Constitution of Cambodia, the Investment Law, and the Land Law, foreigners (including foreign-owned...
Can foreigners buy land in Cambodia?
The 1993 Cambodian Constitution states that only persons or legal entities of Khmer nationality have the right to own land. However, this law does not prohibit foreigners from investing in land in Cambodia....
Kampong Speu map
Consider Buying & Investing In Kampong Speu Province
Kampong Speu is gearing up for a business boom according to some recent reports but it’s one of many provinces seeing a push for investment. In first quarter of 2023, 5 manufacturing factories were announced...